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July 08, 2011

Russia Kila Peninsula: Varzian River Company report

The beginning of the week was gloomed by rather cold weather. Water got cool up to +11C, wind still blows from the north. However, this doesn’t prevent landing of several real trophies during these days. At the end of  last week Alexander Ostapenko landed  fresh salmon of 112cm in length and at the least estimate about 15kg in weight at Hourglass pool. Yesterday, at the same pool Erik Cullin caught salmon of 102cm. And today beautiful male salmon (110cm, 14,2kg) has been caught at Varzina waterfall. Mr. Rod Murray presented the fourth fish over 30lb during this season in to the landing net. All in all, number of fish in the river is rather small, but trophy fish percent is rather high relating to the general number of landed fish. Grilse still appear rather rare, although it was seen with sea louses already at Waterfall. By the way, fish have already passed it and could be met at upper pools. Hope that Varzina will keep pleasing us with heavy trophies!

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