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July 17, 2011

IGFA Hot Catches July 2011

In both freshwater and salt, the latest submissions to the IGFA World Records desk have been hot! IGFA has received a number of conservation-minded All-Tackle Length record applications alongside applications for the traditional record categories, and this month’s nine tops picks come from Colombia, New Zealand, Panama, Malayasia, Thailand, Belize, and the US states of Virginia, New Jersey, and the Florida Keys.

 Last summer, Greg Bernal made history and shocked the angling world with his 58.9 kg (130 lb 0 oz) All-Tackle blue catfish that he pulled from the Missouri River. Not more than a year later, on June 18, 2011, Richard Nicholas Anderson of Greenville, North Carolina, USA, pulled a blue catfish (Ictalurus furcatus) from Kerr Lake, Virginia, USA that tops Bernal’s fish by 13 lb and qualifies for both the new potential All-Tackle and men’s 15 kg (30 lb) line class records. Anderson was fishing with his father and close friend when the mammoth blue cat ate the chicken livers that he was soaking for bait. The fish was subdued 45 minutes later and Anderson was exhausted. Nevertheless, the excited anglers rushed back to the docks to get an official weight on this new potential record fish.

Angler Maureen Klause of Ocean City, New Jersey, USA, took advantage of her native state’s early summer striper run by landing the new potential women’s 02 kg (4 lb) line class record on May 31, 2011. Klause was fishing with guide Richard D. Wheeler in the Shark River Inlet, New Jersey, USA when the thick 13.86 kg (30 lb 9 oz) striped bass (Morone saxatilis) inhaled the live menhaden (bunker) she was using for bait. After a tense 24 minute fight, Klause landed the fish and was on her way back to the docks. The current IGFA record is 13.77 kg (30 lb 6oz).

American angler Rafael F. Llamozas, of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA traveled to Colombia in early April to target some of the country’s infamous peacock bass. Fishing
(Cichla temensis) while casting a yellow and red peacock jig. After a quick five minute fight, the monster peacock measured 88 cm and qualifies for a new potential All-Tackle Length record. Rafael released his catch safely after measuring and photographing the potential record fish.

Standing next to her potential female junior record catch, angler Eilish Hargen of Christchurch, New Zealand is dwarfed by the 81.5 kg (179 lb 10 oz) swordfish (Xiphias gladius) that she landed on May 23, 2011 while fishing off Cape Karikari, New Zealand. Hargen’s captain, Jason Wootton, was trolling a Yo-Zuri squid when the fish hit, and the young angler landed her prize in just 20 minutes. The current IGFA record is 70.67 kg (155 lb 13 oz).

For years, angler John E. Richardson of Bellville, Texas, USA, has been going down to PiƱas Bay, Panama to experience it’s world-class fishery; but according to Richardson, this year the fishing was even better than usual, especially for tuna. The abundance of yellowfin tuna schools feeding on the surface made it possible for Richardson to land a 29.14 kg (64 lb 4 oz) yellowfin (Thunnus albacares) on June 9, 2011, to qualify for the men’s 02 kg (4 lb) line class record. This amazing feat was accomplished in just one minute using a live blue runner, and required several attempts and great patience by the crew and Captain Wade Richardson. The current IGFA record is 25 kg (55 lb 1 oz).

IGFA Representative Christopher S.G. Tan, of Kajang, Malaysia was fishing in Belum, Malaysia with guide Mohd Hafzi on March 6, 2011 when he landed this beautiful snakehead (Channa spp.) that measured 71 cm. This potential All-Tackle Length record was caught in just one minute after hitting the Sebile Stick Shad lure that Tan was casting. As with every potential All-Tackle Length record, Tan’s fish was released alive after being measured and photographed. The current IGFA record is 69 cm.

GFA Lifetime Achiever Martini Arostegui of Coral Gables, Florida, USA took a break from his college studies to do some grouper fishing with his father and Captain Ralph Delph down in Key West, Florida, USA. The group of experienced anglers went out on June 14, 2011 and landed an 8.16 kg (18 lb 0 oz) black grouper (Mycteroperca bonaci). Arostegui used a live pinfish to entice the grouper to eat, and after a tough 15 minutes, the fish was boated and on ice. If approved, Arostegui’s catch would tie the existing men’s 24 kg (50 lb) line class record.

Angler Michael Yiran Ma of Darien, Connecticut, USA recently traveled to Theerasart, Thailand to target some of the unique species of freshwater fish available in that region of the world. Fishing with guide Jean-Francois Helias, Ma landed this gorgeous redtail catfish (pirarara) (Phractocephalus hemioliopterus) on June 2, 2011 while fishing with live bait fish. Twenty-five minutes after taking the bait, and before swimming away, this unique looking fish was measured to be 107 cm and qualifies Ma for a potential All-Tackle Length record. The current IGFA record is vacant.

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