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April 09, 2011

Thailand: 3 World Records cathes!!

3 new IGFA world records set within a week:
First one, set by yours truly, is for a 0.49 kg Goldfin Tinfoil Barb (Hypsibarbus malcomi) I caught on Apr. 3 in Northern Thailand while bottom fishing with rice hush flour for carp species.
Second one is for a 7.43 kg Sorubim caught by 12 years old UK female angler Natalie Carter (guided by yours truly) on Apr. 5. That record qualifies for the Junior Angler female category.
Once homologated, it will be the 6th world record for that little girl who previously set 5 of them in Thailand on two previous trips, earning her 1st place two years in a row in the IGFA Top Ten 2009 and 2010 junior female category.    
Third one was set by her younger daughter Courtney (guided by yours truly) on Apr. 6. The record is for a 8.73 kg Alligator Gar catch which qualifies for the Small Fry category.

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