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April 26, 2011

Rodrigues Island news

A message from Yan Colas ofRod Fishing Club of Rodrigues Island in the Indian Ocean:
Rodrigues or Doggies’ Island. Have you ever seen another destination or an other fishing club that has caught more than 160 doggies over 50 kg since march 2005…. with a world record of 104.5 kg in jigging?
 May we remember that Bruno TUBAND from Gabon, has just caught the 162th and 163th doggies aboard the Black Marlin. Have a look at the photo : 73 and 78 kg. 03. 31.2011
Those who already know the Eastern Banc will also be glad to discover the Hawkins Banc.
At 85 miles western Rodrigues, the Hawkins Banc is a high reef, that comes from 500 meters deep on the west side and from 2 000 meters deep on the east side, to 50 meters deep from the surface, on 400 square km wide. ; that is to say 4 times the surface of Rodrigues Island or the Eastern Banc. Tested many times this year, this HOT SPOT may reserve quite a few surprises !
 That’s worth ! It requires 10 to 12 hours to reach the Hawkins Banc and a little more to come back with current, waves and down wind. All of the trips, from 65 to 89 hours, have been fantastic with doggies up to 78 kg… until now ! 3 or 4 sailfish tagged and released, giant trevallies up to 40 kg, wahoos of 33kg, yellow fin tunas of 48 kg… well, only beautiful spieces !

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