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April 17, 2011

IGFA: New Slam Club Members

South African angler Trevor Hansen caught his first billfish, a Pacific sailfish, on February 27, 1991 while fishing off the coast of Comores, Africa. Almost twenty years to the date and eight billfish species later, Trevor became the first South African member of the IGFA’s prestigious Billfish Royal Slam Club. All of Hansen’s Pacific billfish were caught from his native land of South Africa, with the exception of his Pacific sailfish and his Pacific blue marlin, which were caught near Kona, Hawaii on July 26, 2006. While it took Hansen nearly to 19 years to capture all of the six Pacific billfish species required for a Royal Slam, he only needed seven days and a trip to Brazil in February 2011 to land the remaining three Atlantic billfish species: blue marlin, white marlin and sailfish. Congratulations Trevor, and cheers to you and your angling accomplishments!

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