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March 19, 2011

IGFA Hot Catches IGFA March 2011

World Record Coordinator shares some of the latest lunkers to cross the application desk at IGFA headquarters. The bite turned on for anglers fishing in Panama, Brazil, Chile, Pakistan, Guatemala, Cuba, and the United States in our March review of new potential world records!
Angler Manuela Iglesias of Montevideo, Uruguay, was fishing with Captain Edgar Montero, out of Hannibal Bank, Panama on December 26, 2010 when she hooked this nice almaco jack (Seriola rivoliana). This potential women’s 04 kg (8 lb) line class record fish weighed in at 11.65 kg (25 lb 10 oz) and was landed in 20 minutes after the fish hit a live blue runner they were trolling. The current IGFA record is 6.23 kg (13 lb 12 oz).

Angler Robin J. Wood Sr., of Modesto, California, USA, was fishing Pyramid Lake, Nevada, USA on February 5, 2011 when he hooked into this beautiful cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarki). Wood’s trout weighed in at 7.82 kg (17 lb 4 oz), and qualifies him for the 10 kg (20 lb) line class record. Wood needed minutes to land this monster after it hit the 7/8 Blue Fox Spoon he was casting. The current IGFA record is 5.16 kg (11 lb 6 oz).

Veteran record angler Dennis Triana, of Miami, Florida, USA, had his eye on the new All-Tackle Length category when he caught and released this grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella) while fishing his hometown of Miami, Florida, USA on January 6, 2011. Triana’s carp measured 71 cm and was caught in three minutes using bread as bait. The current IGFA record is vacant.

Angler Martin Arostegui, of Coral Gables, Florida, USA recently returned from a fishing trip to the Amazon, where he fished with local guide Bene for light fly and All-Tackle Length record peacock bass. Brazil’s Xeriuni River and Bene did not disappoint and Arostegui landed multiple potential records, including this colorful speckled peacock (Cichla temensis) caught on February 8, 2011. The fish measured 63 cm and was caught in four minutes using a jig. The current IGFA All-Tackle Length record is vacant.

Longtime angler and marine scientist Jon Wood, of Vina Del Mar, Chile was surf-casting from the beautiful beaches of Renaca, Chile on February 9, 2011 when he caught this potential All-Tackle small-eyed flounder (Paralichthys microps). Wood’s unique flounder weighed in at 3.22 kg (7 lb 1 oz), and was caught in four minutes using a local baitfish called pejerrery.

Young Pakistani angler Hamza Ali Khan, of Karachi, Pakistan, was fishing with guide Fida Hussain on October 30, 2010 when he landed this potential new All-Tackle small scaled grouper (Epinephelus polylepis), weighing in at 1.45 kg (3 lb 3 oz). Khan was fishing Charna Island, Pakistan, and needed only seven minutes to land his potential record grouper after it hit the local baitfish he fishing on the bottom. The current IGFA record is vacant.

Angler Robert J. Berg, of Scarsdale, New York, USA recently traveled to Panama to escape the brutal northeastern winter and target some All-Tackle Length record fish, and he was not disappointed. Fishing with guide Luis Saldana on February 25, 2011 out of the Gulf of Chiriqui, Panama, Berg landed and released this potential All-Tackle Length record Pacific jack crevalle (Caranx caninus) that measured 80 cm. Berg needed 10 minutes to land this beauty after it destroyed his Yozuri Sashimi Bull topwater lure. The current IGFA record is vacant.

Angler Julio R. Mansylla Hill, of Guatemala City, Guatemala, landed this potential men’s 10 kg (30 lb) line class Spanish mackerel (Scomberomorus maculatus) while fishing with guide Juan Barrientos on February 14, 2011 out of El Ahumado, Guatemala. Hill’s fish weighed in at 5.22 kg (11 lb 8 oz), and was caught in 15 minutes on a Rapala red/white diving plug. The current IGFA record is 5.44 kg (12 lb 0 oz).

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