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February 22, 2013

CANADA: ice fishing record lake trout

Angler Bruce Sederberg the past  January  hooked t the world’s largest lake trout ever landed with a pole and line and released through the ice.

Sederberg was ice fishing over White Otter Lake, in Ontario, Canada when the 46-inch giant  engulfed his jig in 58 feet of water.

Sederberg was using a 1/2 oz. Super-Glo Perch Buck-Shot Rattle Spoon tipped with a real minnow head. Linking his jig to his 25 JigWhopper rod and 4000 Shimano Symetre spinning reel was 20 lb PowerPro superline for main line and a short leader of 10 lb fluorocarbon.

While fighting the fish, it regurgitated what looked to be a 3 lb big whitefish. “Why it ate my tiny lure I’ll never know,” he says.

Sederberg fought the fish for forty-five minutes, with his nephew, Bryan Sederberg, standing by part of the time. “The fish would take out a massive amount of line at a slow, steady pace, then when it would stop and I was able to regain what it stripped,” he says.

Sederberg’s trout estimated to be 40 to 44 pounds.

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